Take a Deep Look at What You’re Spending

JulieanneBirch/Getty Images

An integral part to managing your money is budgeting. Ew, gross. We know. But it’s important to take a good look at what you’re spending and understand where you can cut back.

An easy way to automate this process is to use Trim, a little bot that’ll keep track of all your transactions.

Connect your checking account, credit card and savings account for a big-picture look at your spending habits. Then, take a closer look by checking out each of your transactions. Now, set alerts to let you know when bills are due, when you’ve hit a spending cap or when you’ve (hopefully not) overdrafted.

Trim has a lot of other features, too, including an Amazon price patrol that’ll monitor prices on items you’ve ordered and give you money back when they drop. Best part? It’s free to sign up.

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